Hydroponic Green Beans Added To The Vantaggio Product Mix

Vantaggio Farming has announced the addition of Green Beans to its product mix for the San Quintin, BC, Spring 2019 growing season. The Green Beans will be grown hydroponically, in our state of the art shadehouses. All of the product will be warehoused in San Diego, CA and available starting in late March.

Our ranches in San Quintin, Baja California provide the perfect climate for growing Green Beans. All of our plants will be grown vertically in our shadehouses, allowing for premium quality. Our amazing personnel will ensure the health of the plant by constantly maintaining and monitoring moisture and nutrient levels.

Harvest crews will be trained to delicately handle the plant and fruit, ensuring an excellent product.
At this time we will also be introducing our Platinum Label. Vantaggio Platinum Label Green Beans will be the finest quality available in the entire industry. Our recyclable cartons will display a sticker recognizing the Platinum status, and the product inside will be selected from only our finest beans. Look for additional Platinum label items from us in the near future.

Additionally, adding another commodity to our product mix creates more opportunity for expanding business with our trading partners. As Vantaggio grows in size, the expansion of our product line was an inevitability. Through extensive research, and listening to our customers, Green Beans were a natural fit to add to our premium quality Cucumbers, Hard Squash and Roma Tomatoes.