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It is our social responsibility to create the conditions necessary to balance the harmony between humans and nature to support present and future generations. This will primarily be accomplished through investments in land and water conservation, stringent food safety programs, elimination of waste, and by providing a work environment where our employees can flourish. Creating operations with sustainability in mind will allow for a reduction in the depletion of natural resources currently available, without compromising our needs in the future.

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In 2016, we began transitioning our ranches from using traditional drip irrigation to applying hydroponic farming practices. Fundamentally, this means we farm our quality produce in a soilless environment with complete control over the entire growing process.

Benefits Include:
  • Up to 70% decrease in water usage
  • 100% control of nutrients to the plant
  • Elimination of herbicides
  • Elimination of soil depletion and erosion
  • Substantial decrease in fertilizers and insecticides
  • Higher yields, better quality, resulting in less waste

Quality Working Environment

Providing a safe, efficient working environment for our team is priority number one. This is accomplished by hiring great people, training them properly using Good Agricultural Practices and continually supporting them. At Vantaggio, our employees are undoubtedly the heart of the company.

Only The Finest GMO-Free Fruits And Vegetables

At Vantaggio Farming, we take a socially and environmentally responsible, systems-based approach to farming our fresh produce. We select only the finest GMO-free fruits and vegetables for the Vantaggio label; concentrating on the great tasting, high quality produce our trading partners know they can count on, 365 days a year.

Providing Safe, Great-Tasting, Quality Produce

Food Safety is of the highest priority to us. As a major grower, it is our daily goal to provide safe, great tasting quality produce.

Highlights Of Our Food Safety Program Include:
  • Development of company-wide Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points (HACCP)
  • Utilization of Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP)
  • Global GAP 3rd Party Certifications
  • Traceability/Recall Programs
  • Continuing Education for Employees

In addition, each of our ranches and facilities are in compliance with the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). Auditing of our program is conducted on a daily basis, and our Food Safety experts are continually monitoring practices and techniques to ensure we meet our goals.

Brent Keefer


Raised in the Salinas Valley, Brent has ben involved in the produce industry for over 25 years. His career began with sales positions at A.T.B Distributing in Turlock, CA and Denice & Felice Packing, Hollister, CA. Shortly thereafter, Brent started Vantaggio Farming Corporation, where he became involved in growing, shipping as well as marketing fresh produce. Concurrent with Vantaggio Farming, Brent founded and held the CEO position with, which was highlighted with the successful raising of over $30 million in venture financing. Brent attended the University of Southern California.

Ross Keefer

Vice President, Sales and Marketing / Partner

Ross brings over 20 years of produce industry experience in sales and marketing with him to Vantaggio Farming. Shortly after graduating from the University of Southern California, he joined as its Marketing Manager. Ross then joined Morgan Stanley, Monterey, CA as a financial advisor, focusing on client acquisition and wealth management.

Isidoro Campos

Growing Operations, Mexico

Combining over 30 years of knowledge in crop production with his firm grasp of Mexican and American cultures, Isidoro brings invaluable expertise to Vantaggio Farming. Over his career, Isidoro has worked throughout the United States and Mexico, immersing himself in all aspects of growing and distributing fresh produce. With Vantaggio Farming, Isidoro focuses on crop production, grower relations and food safety.

Chris Maggio

Growing Operations, Baja CA, Mexico

As the head of Growing Operations in Baja, Chris brings 30 years of farming knowledge, most recently in crop production within protected structures. Additionally, Chris has extensive experience in advanced irrigation techniques and is currently heading the transition from traditional dirt farming to hydroponics. He previously held positions in organic and conventional crop production with Primetime International, The Produce Exchange and Sueno Tropical. Chris is a graduate of UC San Diego.



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