Vantaggio Food Safety Programs

Ensuring the quality and safety of our produce is a top priority at Vantaggio. Our Food Safety programs combine years of expertise from our employees, and 3rd party audits from leaders in the industry. In todays environment, giving our customers the peace of mind and confidence in our fresh produce is crucial.

In 2011, the Obama administration signed into law the Food Safety and Modernization Act (FSMA), which covers all food for human consumption. Within FSMA is a regulation entitled “Standards for Growing, Harvesting, Packing and Holding of Produce for Human Consumption.” This is also known as the Produce Safety Rule. In a nutshell, the Produce Safety Rule established a science-based minimum for food safety standards in the handling of produce. The goal is to keep food safe for consumption. The Rule covers such items as:

  • Water Quality Requirements
  • Biological Soil Amendments
  • Worker Training and Health and Hygiene
  • Equipment, Tools, and Building Sanitation

Like all companies within the produce industry, Vantaggio Farming is required by law to adhere to the rules of FSMA. Additionally, to ensure that we are following the guidelines of the Produce Safety Rule, we are required to conduct third party audits of our ranches from accredited auditors. Individual audits are conducted at each of our ranches in the following subcategories; Ranch, Harvest, and Packing. Each of our ranches has achieved the Global GAP designation, which is considered as the gold standard in the produce industry.

Once our quality fresh produce is packed and ready to load, we check each truck for cleanliness and sterilize the floors and walls of all trailers. Maintaining proper temperatures is key for fresh produce, and our trailers are closely monitored during transit from Mexico to the United States. Arriving in the United States, our produce is unloaded and stored in Global GAP 3rd party audited warehouses in Otay Mesa, CA or Nogales, AZ. Facilities are closely monitored for temperature and humidity, as well as cleanliness and the hygiene of employees and visitors alike.

Food Safety programs have evolved rapidly in recent decades. At Vantaggio Farming, we view our internal processes as always evolving. Advances in technology, testing and education allow us to continually improve upon our current practices and ensure we are well positioned into the future.